Ok, I’m Not an Astronaut

Astronaut PhotoI’m a graphic designer by trade, an artist at heart, and an astronaut in my dreams. I work as a creative director for a marketing and communications office at the University of Illinois. I find pleasure in taking random photos, exploring the world of art, and transmitting odd tidbits to the world.

As For This Site

I’m taking a new approach to blogging by following in the footsteps of designer, Jason Santa Maria. The idea is to accompany every post with a new layout, putting as much emphasis on design as there is on content.

There are other sites in addition to Jason Santa Maria’s that experiment with this concept. Travis Gertz and The Bold Italic both have systems in place that allow for each of their articles to have a unique design. I find this approach to online publishing refreshing, exciting, and inspiring. So, I’m joining the club.